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Editors Desk


Last month (February '18) we published a detailed article entitled OK BULLY BOYS V HGR.. This was a blow by blow account of our dealings with this wholly owned division of the gigantic SHOPRITE HOLDINGS. It was a tale of arrogance, cowardice and deception and sought to reveal the methodology of how huge companies with high powered teams of lawyers at their disposal, attempt to impose their will on small, vulnerable members of society and the media like HGR. As mentioned in that article, neither OK/House & Home nor their lawyers sought ever to deal with the merits of our claim, but only prevaricated, obfuscated, demanded and belittled us. Their arrogance fittingly reflects that of their client.

To refresh their porous collective memory, OK Furniture's dictatorial then CEO Aubrey Karp, in the presence of his 2iC Paul Fairhurst (the current CEO) and marketing/advertising manager Sheridan Smit agreed to our proposal to prepare, compile, design, print, publish and distribute an OK FURNITURE/HOUSE & HOME Company Profile in April 2016. Both parties naturally incurred certain obligations to achieve this goal and up to early September 2016 those mutual obligations were fully met and observed. When the Profile was virtually ready to print and after five solid months of hard work and some considerable expense on our part, the massively egotistical Aubrey Karp unilaterally pulled the plug on the entire enterprise for ‘reasons' which we detailed in our last issue. And in the process virtually derailed our financial and physical equilibrium.

Our legitimate demand for compensation has been met with contempt, disdain and indifference from OK management and that allied with the Bully Boy tactics of their lawyers has confirmed our view that OK Furniture management understands little of ethics or morality. Since we published our account we have been inundated with supportive messages, mostly from suppliers but with a sprinkling of other interested observers. We have also published the whole gory account on HelloPeter and we have been contacted for further information. Facebook postings are gaining traction too. The media tends to stick together and there will be further airings in the Business Sections of other media. We will not be cowed or dissuaded from the path we have set and will persist until we get our rightful compensation.

Ian Hughes - Editor

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