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Editors Desk


Since January this year the General Retailers' Index has indicated a decline of roughly 5.15%. Clearly this is the result of investors pulling back in the face of ongoing political shocks and a trading environment that is as difficult as it has ever been. But recent weeks have indicated that retail sales are showing growth. What this actually means is unclear. What is clear however is that hese mixed signals indicate a degree of turmoil in the minds of consumers brought on by the cutting of interest rates by 25 base points. This may well have triggered a response to weary consumers that things could be picking up.

But the overall picture remains less than sanguine with some of the growth we've seen being the result of consumers catching up on delayed and postponed spend due to the recessionary market we've been in for the past several years.

As we are now well into the final quarter of 2017 dealers simply have to get their act together to avoid disappointment. This time is absolutely critical if budgets are to be achieved or bettered. Aggressiveness has to be order of the day. Promotions definitely, discounting perhaps. But to be successful it has to be a quality offering. And to do that needs close co-operation jbetween dealers and suppliers to help fund these discounts. Efficiency is a given but we do not believe that there is much fat left to pare away in the service of efficiency. Nevertheless dealers and their suppliers must understand that they simply cannot cut back on marketing spend if they are to achieve the sales that this period demands. Remember marketing spend is not a gamble - it is critical for not just survival but for growth.

Ian Hughes - Editor

About HGR

As South Africa's leading independent retail publication, Home Goods Retailer seeks above all else to improve communication between the retailer and his supplier, because with successful communication both suppliers and retailers will achieve a far greater understanding of each other's needs, problems and the market in general.

Our editorial includes the people and personalities of the trade, hard news, both domestic and overseas, new products, services, developments and trends and regular product spotlights (advertorials). All of this is calculated to assist sales people, buyers and merchandisers to keep abreast of what is available in the local market, and to make informed decisions. 4500 copies of HGR are circulated monthly on a controlled basis to all retail outlets involved in the retailing of lounge, bedroom and dining room furniture, beds and bedding, major and small appliances, audio/visual equipment, selected hardware and home office furniture and equipment.

The distribution is national and also includes selected outlets in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and East Africa.

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